Salt Lake City in February

Salt Lake City

If you’re a winter sports lover, then February is a great time of year to visit Salt Lake City, Utah. In February, the average weather forecast for Salt Lake ranges from a high of 43 degrees to a low of 24 degrees. These temperatures combined with dry conditions, is one of the many reasons why the city was chosen to host the 2002 Winter Olympics.

The Salt Lake City International Airport is only 10 miles away from our InTown Suites Salt Lake City Property. The city is easy to navigate with a vehicle, because Salt Lake is laid out on a grid system. The surrounding areas are easy to reach on the city’s freeways.

While in town, be sure to visit the famous lake for which the city is named. True to its moniker, Salt Lake is so salty that it never freezes, which means that it’s possible to go boating on the lake in February! While boating is a safe and fun winter activity, we don’t recommend going for a swim.

Spend a day at the Utah Olympic Park in nearby Park City. The park is still a training center, in fact many of the 2014 Sochi Olympians and hopefuls trained for the games here. In the Park, the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center is home to the 2002 Winter Olympics Sports Museum as well as the Ski Museum.

Looking to do some snowboarding and skiing during your visit? You’ll have your pick of world class slopes in the mountains surrounding the city. If you are planning on snowboarding, be aware that some resorts like Alta, are for skiers only. It’s best to do a little research before you arrive to find out which of the slopes are right for you.

If you’d also like to take in some spectator sports, the Transworld Snowboarding TransAm is taking place at Park City Mountain Resort on February 8th, it’s sure to be an exciting event to watch! The Utah Jazz NBA Team are in season in February, so consider attending a home game at the Energy Solutions Arena.

In addition to being a mecca for outdoor sports, Salt Lake City has a thriving arts scene. In February, performances include Ballet West’s Sleeping Beauty and The Music of Harry Potter is being put on by the Utah Symphony. Visit ‘Visit Salt Lake’ for a list of all of the events and festivals taking place during your visit.

Looking for a little nighttime entertainment?  In February, much of the nightlife will be focused around watching the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. People will be gathering in the bars and restaurants to cheer on Team USA and see how many gold medals the country will get.

No matter the reason you’ll be visiting Salt Lake City in February, you’re sure to be welcomed by the friendly locals, and find yourself wanting to stay forever.

Planning an Affordable Trip to Orlando

InTown Suites Orlando

Many parents want to take their children to visit Orlando, Florida, but think they can’t afford it. Orlando vacations can be expensive, but with the right planning and some creativity, it can actually be very affordable. Here are our tips on how to make the most of your trip to Orlando on a budget.

Travel Off Season
Prices in Orlando fluctuate, and are largely determined by supply and demand. High season, when prices are the most expensive include July, August, Spring and March Break, and any holiday or long weekend. The crowds are at their peak during these times, meaning you’ll be in line longer, and it will take you longer for you to see everything, which means more money spent.

If you travel in the off season, you’ll pay less money and see more! Crowds in Orlando are at their lightest in January, February and in September, when students return to school. If you can travel during these times, you can take advantage of the lower prices. Yes, the weather might be a little cooler in January, but it’s worth the extra savings, just remember to pack a sweater or two!

You can save a lot of money by booking accommodations that are outside of Disney and Universal Studios’ walls. People pay premium rates to stay at the resort hotels in the theme parks, with some room rates reaching $500 a night!   

If you’re willing to drive to the theme parks (don’t worry there’s ample parking at reasonable rates) and stay offsite, accommodations are a fraction of the price. Rates for our InTown Suites Orlando Central location start at only $229.99 per week! This property is only 1 mile from Universal Studios and 8 miles from Disney World.

Pack Light
Many airlines, especially discount lines, have started to charge for checked baggage. $25 per bag might not sound like a lot, but if you’re a family of 4, on a return trip, you could find yourself spending $200 just to bring your luggage. Save money by packing everything into a carry-on bag. Stick with a monochromatic color scheme so all of your tops and bottoms match, and roll your clothes to save room. Socks and underwear can be washed in the sink, and if you find you’ve run out of clothes, InTown Suites locations have self-serve laundry options onsite.

Theme Park Tickets
The most expensive park passes are the ones you buy onsite at the park gates. To save money, buy your tickets well in advance. Disney and Universal often offer deep discounts online during the slow season. If you’ll be visiting the parks over a few days, multiday passes have a cheaper, per-day cost. Sea World offers a combined pass with Busch Gardens which could be a good option if you plan on making the trip to Tampa. It’s best to skip the “hopper” add-on which allows you visit multiple parks on one day, for an additional fee. There is so much to see in each park, that you won’t find the need to skip around.

Pack Snacks
While there are plenty of food options inside Orlando’s theme parks, the prices are rather exorbitant. All of our guest rooms come with complete kitchens, making it easy to eat a filling and inexpensive breakfast before you set out of the day. Pack some healthy snacks that travel easy, like oranges and bananas to keep your hunger at bay.

If you do want to eat in the park, plan for a late lunch, as prices are usually cheaper than at dinner. Having a late lunch will keep you full until the parks close and you get back to your room to make a quick dinner. Here are some ideas for what to stock in your room’s kitchen

It seems like every ride you exit leads you directly into a gift shop, filled with all kinds of high priced toys and treats. If your kids would like to bring back some mementos from their trip, take them to discount stores outside the resorts. They are located all over Orlando. They sell the same types of gifts for a lot less, and no one back home will be able to tell the difference!

Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself having an amazing vacation in Florida that won’t break the bank, and leaves you money to plan your next trip. Next step: Plan your week in Orlando

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