Tips for a Happy & Safe Halloween

Halloween is a mere three days away. We hope you have your costumes prepped, your candy bags ready, and your walking shoes by the door.

Trick-or-treating has long been a fun and exciting part of Halloween, and though we’re all quite familiar with what it is and how to do it, there are a few safety precautions we should all keep in mind to enjoy a safe and happy Halloween.

Review these quick tips before you head out the door trick-or-treating this Saturday!

  • If your costume is mainly made up of dark colors, be sure to add something bright and reflective to ensure you’re seen by motorists. Try reflective tape or arm bands, and/or incorporating things like flashing snap-on lights, or glowsticks.

  • Avoid masks and other face coverings that hinder proper vision; instead try makeup and/or hats to go with your costume.

  • Ensure costumes are the proper length – avoid anything that is too long, drags behind you, or could otherwise cause you to trip on the road or someone’s porch.

  • Approach houses that have active halloween displays, lit pumpkins, and/or porch lights turned on. Avoid those with lights turned out.

  • Unless the treat is from a close friend or family member, avoid homemade treats that aren’t commercially wrapped.

  • When you get home, look through your Halloween candy and discard anything that isn’t properly wrapped, or otherwise looks suspicious for any reason.

  • When possible, trick-or-treat in groups, or with other family members. Adults or older teenagers should always accompany young children.

  • Always remember to look both ways before crossing the road. Be sure to only cross the street at corners or marked crosswalks, and never assume a driver sees you unless you’ve made direct eye contact.

  • If you’re going out trick-or-treating without parents or other family members, make sure your route is communicated in advance, so you can be found quickly if needed.

  • Never enter a stranger’s house, even if invited. Stay on the front stoop or porch while trick-or-treating. 

Happy Halloween from all your friends here at InTown Suites!

Why November is a Great Month to Visit Chicago

While Chicago is a great city to explore any time of year, November is an especially exciting month to visit. With countless festivals, events, and other special attractions, Chicago in November is a must-see.

Come and enjoy…

SOFA Chicago: Nov. 5 – 8

One of the city’s continually running art fairs, SOFA Chicago offers up sculptures, ceramics, wood, glass, fiber, and metal works sourced from over 70 galleries. Attendees can also check out lectures and other artist observations.

The Festival of Barrel Aged Beers: Nov. 20 – 21

Featuring over 90 breweries, 300 beers, and the 2015 National Wood-Aged Beer Competition, the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers is the event for beer lovers in Chicago. The best part? Tickets include 15 beer tastings!

Magnificent Mile Lights Festivals: Nov. 21

A great way to kick off the holiday season, the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a daylong event in Chicago’s shopping mecca. Come see the tree lighting parade along Michigan Avenue, followed by celebratory fireworks.

Chicago Book Expo: Nov. 21

The Chicago Book Expo is an annual literary expo where writers and aspiring writers gain inspiration. Dozens of local authors, local presses, and other organizations come together to discuss their works, put on talks and panels, and much more.

Thanksgiving Parade: Nov. 26

Head downtown to witness this grand Thanksgiving tradition in person. The Parade is complete with giant inflatable cartoon characters, floats, marching bands, local celebrities, and so much more.

ZooLights: Nov. 27 – Jan. 3

Check out the Lincoln Zoo for a real holiday treat. Boasting fabulous Christmas lights, ice carving demonstrations, hot drinks, and ice skating (not to mention, animals!), this event shouldn’t be missed.

We hope to see you in Chicago in November! If you need a place to stay, at InTown Suites, we have multiple extended stay properties in the greater Chicago area, starting at just $299.99 a week!