Things To Do in Virginia Beach this Summer

Virginia Beach is a wonderful summer vacation destination, offering a mix of activity and relaxation for families, couples, or solo travelers. From leisurely days on the beach, to art installations, tours and sightseeing, and upbeat dining and live entertainment options, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Virginia Beach.

Start with these 5 must-see and do’s in Virginia Beach to get your summer vacation planning underway!

1) Visit the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) offers visitors the chance to explore some of the most significant art of our time. Here you’ll discover regularly changing exhibitions featuring painting, sculpture, photography, glass, video and other visual media from acclaimed artists around the world.

Spend an afternoon meandering through these mighty works of art— you’ll be glad you did!

2) Rent a bike and explore Virginia Beach on two wheels!

A unique alternative to traditional sightseeing, embark on a guided bicycle tour of Virginia Beach. Beach Bike Tours offers a leisurely tour through Virginia Beach, heading off the boardwalk past beautiful homes and gardens, and into First Landing State Park. On this tour you can walk a labyrinth, explore a bamboo forest, discover a meditation garden, hear the history of the Cavalier Hotel, and more. 

Prefer to do things at your own pace? No problem! Rent a bike or some rollerblades from Cherie’s Bike & Blade Rentals — Virginia Beach’s oldest and largest rental company.

3) Check out Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Established in 1938, this 8,000-acre fresh water refuge is a must-see! The barrier islands are full of large sand dunes, maritime forests, freshwater marshes, ponds, ocean beach, and plenty of impoundments for wintering wildfowl. The spectacular habitats of the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge can be accessed via marsh trails, a boardwalk overlook, and from the beach itself.

4) See what’s happening at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts.

The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts regularly hosts the Virginia Symphony, as well as opera, ballet, Broadway productions, and other renowned performing arts in its 1,200-seat venue. Be sure to check out their event calendar to see what’s coming up!

5) Meet dozens of marine animals at the Virginia Aquarium.

Don’t miss the chance to explore over 800,000 gallons of one of the best aquariums and animal habitats in the country! The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center features hundreds of hands-on exhibits, a National Geographic 3D Theater, programs and activities for kids, an adventure park including zip lining, and much more.

And after you’ve enjoyed all the city has to offer, enjoy a budget-friendly stay at our extended stay accommodation in Virginia Beach!

For more ideas on what to see and do in Virginia Beach, check out the Guide tab on the page linked above.

10 Summer Road Trip Essentials

Whether you’re hitting the road with the whole family in tow, or heading out on your own for an interstate adventure, you’ll need some summer travel basics to get to your destination with as few bumps in the road as possible.

Taking the time to put together essentials before you depart will save you time and money on the road. Spend your precious vacation making amazing memories instead of visiting every rest stop on your route!

Check out our suggestions for items that make for a stress-free road trip and get ready to travel like a pro on your next journey.

1) Sunscreen

For any outdoor excursions during your trip, sunscreen is a must-have. Skin can burn in as little as 15 minutes if not properly protected and sunburns can make for a very uncomfortable car ride! Pack aloe in case of a burn to soothe painful, itchy skin.

2) Bug Spray

You don’t have to go far outside city limits to find yourself in bug country! Don’t chance days of scratching or a surprise allergic reaction. Invest in deep woods spray if you’re venturing far off the beaten path or keep things mess-free with citronella buttons to pin on clothing and pet collars.

3) First Aid Kit

Even small wounds can turn into big problems if left untreated. Make sure cuts and scrapes are disinfected and taken care of as soon as possible to avoid a trip to a clinic. Include bandages, sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, safety pins, instant ice packs, disposable non-latex gloves, and antiseptic wipes.

4) Hand Wipes

Make clean up a breeze with disinfectant and baby wipes. They’re perfect for cleaning up after little ones or giving yourself a quick freshen up after driving through the night. Make sure you’ve got a designated garbage receptacle to keep your vehicle tidy.

5) Snacks and Drinks

Pack a cooler full of healthy snacks and beverages to cut down time spent stopping to eat. If you’ve exhausted your provisions, stop at a grocery store to buy supplies for sandwiches and wraps that will go much further than any gas station hot dog.

6) Spare Footwear and Clothing

Your road trip might take you from one climate to another, so be prepared for any adventure by packing a pair of hiking boots, sandals, or water shoes. Between chilly summer nights and hours in air conditioning, it’s also a good idea to have a sweater and some long pants to throw on.

7) Audio Books and Podcasts

Perfect for solo trips or so the driver can stay entertained, has over 180,000 titles for any taste and includes a one-month free trial. For a little more variety, download free podcasts and learn about endless interesting topics as the miles go by.

8) Maps and Road Atlases

Save on data charges and don’t get stuck without coverage by packing hard copy maps for your route. Paper maps can allow you to visualize your overall trip and are easier for drivers to glance at than a small mobile screen. If you’d rather stick to a screen, Google Maps can be pinned for offline use.

9) Travel Apps

Use the data you save reading hard copy maps for mobile apps to plan your next pit stop. The GasBuddy app can help you find the best gas prices around, or use AroundMe to save time when looking for the nearest drug store, washroom, and so on. Discover 10 travel apps for your next road trip.

10) Car Maintenance Kit

It’s something you hope you’ll never have to use, but will be glad to have if you run into car trouble. Stock your kit with items such as jumper cables, tire sealant, a tire pressure gauge, a compact fire extinguisher, and road flares. It’s also a good idea to research and practice using these items so you’re comfortable using them under pressure. For more ideas, discover 15 essential things to keep in your car.

Now that you’re stocked up on the essentials it’s time to hit the road! Find InTown Suites’ extended stay properties along your route for your home away from home on your epic adventure.