Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an important day to all of us, serving as a prompt to think about and remember those who have fought and served for this incredible country we call home.

So with Memorial Day quickly approaching, we’ve decided to put together a few ideas on how you and your family can recognize this special day together.

This Memorial Day, make it all about spending time with loved ones as you remember those who have fought for your freedom, and enjoy a kick-off to the beautiful summer season.

Attend a Memorial Day Parade.

Many towns and cities across the US offer parades to recognize Memorial Day – often concluding with a moment of silence or a memorial service. These are excellent community events and are perfect for the whole family, combining excitement, education, and the outdoors.

Here are some parade listings, to name just a few:

Host a Family BBQ.

Traditionally seen as the unofficial kick-off to summer, Memorial Day is an excellent time to get family and friends together to share stories of the past, exchange gratitude, and enjoy a delicious meal together.

Invite everyone in for a gathering – it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with the friends and relatives you’ve been meaning to see. You can even find a local park or beach with BBQ facilities, and share your meal with others you run into.

Decorate with Flags.

Memorial Day is an excellent time to boast our red, white, and blue with true pride! Let the kids join in the fun and hang flags from the house and on the lawn. There’s never been a better time to embrace your patriotism (and your yard will look fabulous in stripes and stars!).

If you have a flagpole, consider joining others in the country by lowering the flag half-mast from dawn until noon (local time) as a sign of respect.


Whether it’s for a friend who is moving, or for the community soup kitchen, volunteering is a great way to pay it forward in a positive way that echoes the spirit of Memorial Day. Take it upon yourself to do something selfless, just as the many men and women we celebrate on Memorial Day did.

Enjoy a Concert.

There are plenty of shows and concerts to choose from this Memorial Day weekend, but one of our longstanding favorites is of course the National Memorial Day Concert. If you can’t be in Washington to celebrate in person, be sure to tune into the televised event on PBS. It’s a truly fantastic event year after year.

Book a Getaway.

Get away as a family and enjoy a change of scenery this Memorial Day weekend. Whether it be out of state or a simple staycation, the long weekend is the perfect time to reconnect. Take advantage of some (hopefully) fine weather and enjoy a weekend at the cottage, on a hiking trip, or a road trip to visit family – it’s the perfect opportunity.

Looking for affordable accommodations? Check out our list of extended stay locations – they make the perfect home base.

However you decide to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, we’re sure you’ll have a blast!

5 Tips for Getting a Good Sleep While On the Road

(Photo c/o

(Photo c/o

We all share a similar issue: when you’re traveling, and away from the familiar surroundings of home, it can be hard to get to sleep. Even with some of the amenities we’re used to (like the comfortable beds, the TVs, and the high speed internet access you’ll find at all of our InTown Suites locations), a change in your routine can inevitably cause a change in your sleeping patterns.

But worry not, and continue reading for 5 tips to help you get the good night’s sleep you need while on the road.

Pay attention to the things you do before bed.

As important as this is at home, it’s even more important when you’re not. Avoiding some of these things can help get your body ready for sleep when it’s time to go to bed:

  • Ditch the caffeine: if you have to have coffee, keep it to the morning hours to prevent it from keeping you up at night.
  • Take a break from the screens: power down your laptop, cell phone, and TV an hour or so before bed. Spend that time doing something truly relaxing, like reading a book, or practicing a few yoga poses.
  • Don’t break your routine: if you’re normally someone who goes for a walk before bed, try doing this while you’re away as well. It’s a great idea to keep some of those rituals in your routine where possible.

Create a calming atmosphere.

Getting to sleep is all about getting relaxed. Maximize your comfort with these in-room tips:

  • Dim the lights: an hour or so before bed, start dimming the lights as a way to kickstart your peaceful bedtime routine.
  • Use a little lavender: the scent of lavender is typically associated with rest and relaxation, and it is a natural sleep-inducing substance. Buy it in oil form and place a few drops on a tissue inside your pillowcase.
  • Listen to soft music: music has tremendous effects on things like mood, energy, and so on. When you start to wind down, try putting some mellow music on, or choose a nature-themed playlist.

Eliminate light sources.

Getting your room as dark as possible is important to getting a good night’s sleep. Your body is programmed to sleep when it’s dark, and even slight exposure to light will increase your alertness. Be sure to pull the curtains and close the blinds as tightly as possible. Purchase and pack a sleeping mask in advance of your trip, in the event your room is too light.

Block out (unwanted) noise.

There are different types of noises that will affect your sleep differently. Some people prefer to have a constant ‘white’ noise (like a fan or nature sound effects) in the background to help them sleep. The idea is that a soft, constant sound will help prevent you from waking up in the event another sound occurs. 

The other type of noise you may experience causes a disruption to your sleep (like the children in the room next door or the ambulance whizzing by the window outside your room). To prevent these from waking you up, bring a couple ear plugs to help cancel them out.

Bring a few things from home.

Never underestimate the power of familiarity, especially when it comes to sleep! Bring a few things from home that you commonly associate with a good night’s sleep. Consider your own pillow and pillowcase, your alarm clock, maybe a light blanket from home, and so on.